The value in any material good is in its use

Maximize the value of what you already have before investing in anything else you may need.

My goal is to reduce, reuse and refurbish your belongings and only purchase what will add value to your life, space and business.

Often times our physical surroundings reflect the daily chaos life brings us. Maximizing the use of space, creating systems of utility and organization along with creating positive energy throughout your physical surroundings is equally as important to your success as the wonderful services and products you provide.

Put out into your physical surroundings what you want to receive in all aspects of your life.

A simple, clean and clear aesthetic and energy can do wonders for your bandwidth. Together, we will define the space, rather than allowing it to define you.


organization & interior services include
[but certainly not limited to]

consulting & budgeting
professional organization
onsite-power food personal chef
interior decorating [minimalism + feng shui + color psychology]
energy clearing
repurposing + refurbishing of existing elements
custom furnishings & installations
art installations
interior + exterior painting
general remodeling