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#PopUpBrunchAtlanta is a heart-healthy, five-course, five-star traveling brunch experience
in a casual, comfortable, no-rush environment.

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The Roots

Producer + Executive Chef Patrick Joseph Boston's childhood Sunday tradition inspired him to create #PopUpBrunchAtlanta.

Growing up, every dining table was a place to fuel the mind, body and spirit.
It was a place of communication and connection.
It was a sacred place free from televisions, telephone calls, texting and the world wide web.

The dining table was a place where he learned to love foods passed down from his Hungarian roots like
cabbage rolls, chilled cherry soup and Hungarian dirty bread.

It was a place where his palette was stretched and formed to settle for nothing less than rich + robust.

Seeking to foster human connection, stillness, health + wellness and impeccable service,
#PopUpBrunchAtlanta was born.


The Concept

PJB curates a unique menu serving brunch-lovers who seek healthier alternatives while featuring local brands. 

In-town hosts volunteer their spaces and dine free of charge.

PJB helps stage for the event and he and his team arrive early to produce a one-of-a-kind brunch experience.

Menus consist of many garden-fresh, heart-healthy ingredients customizable and friendly to
vegetarian and gluten-free diets.

Brunchers bring their beverages of choice, connect with new people and reconnect with friends.


The Bonus

Patrick Joseph Boston is available to book for a customized, public or private
in your home, restaurant or fully-equipped space.
Connect for more information.





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