Where I came from + Who I am + Where I’m going

As a wee chubby lad, I was thrown into the world of events simply by being born. I grew up in a small family business, working for my dad who produced city and cultural festivals and classic car shows. Whether I was managing Irish dancers at the family’s Hungarian Saint Paddy’s Day events or checking IDs of patrons four times my age, young me was constantly pushed outside of the zone of comfort to fill in the gaps.

I began my health and wellness journey at the ripe age of 19 when I took a giant step towards authentic living by “coming out” to friends and family. Inspired by my summer biology class (of all things), I adopted a healthier diet, moved my body five times a week and eventually joined a fitness group offered by my university. In six month’s time, I lost 100 pounds (and I have the photos to prove it)!

In 2015, I took the next great leap of faith and great discomfort by moving to Atlanta from my hometown in pursuit of events and hospitality.  One year later, I fulfilled a decade-long dream by moving to Berlin, Germany. I shed most of my life’s belongings, a whole lot of personal baggage and only brought two suitcases, two pugs and an extremely remarkable human being.

Finding Forrest Yoga, I began a deep healing process. With way more self-assurance, the addition of personal boundaries and a healthier head-space, I ripped the band-aid off and enrolled in 200-hour Baptiste yoga teacher training at Dancing Dogs Yoga upon my return to Atlanta.

Now splitting time between Berlin and Atlanta, I think I’m onto something really clever. I am excited to assist others in their own physical, mental and spiritual healing as I deepen my own in this life-long journey.


Incorporating my desired lifestyle into my business plan

Travel + Experiences + Food + Cooking + Development of  mind + body + spirit

All of these along with a primal desire to connect with other human beings have proven to lead to a well-nourished soul.

What better way to feed my soul than to do it for business and pleasure?

Surrounding myself with people from all over the world who share similar interests and goals with completely different backgrounds, life experiences and stories allows me to provide the best of myself in service to others.

Are you ready to come along the journey with me? Let’s get started!