Brunch Around the World with The Tall Society

Greetings, friends, family and esteemed social media acquaintances!

Thank you AGAIN for your support with my launch of!

I’m thrilled to announce that I am working with a new client, The Tall Society, a supportive online community for tall women worldwide. I will be producing events to physically bring these amazing and inspirational women together! Check out the online platform, get to know Bree, the founder, and discover how she is working to bring her tall friends fashion tips, inspiration, positivity and opportunities to meet up around the world!

As such, I am currently in the process of scouting restaurants, hotels and other cute venues willing and able to host, what I like to call, a “bruncheon”.

What do I mean by “bruncheon”, you ask?

I’m talking about a whimsical, private brunch, a set number of guests, a keynote speaker and lots of feels, laughs and human bonding.

I’m currently scouting venues in the following cities-

  1. Atlanta

  2. Austin

  3. Berlin

  4. Charlotte

  5. Chicago

  6. Detroit

  7. London

  8. Los Angeles

  9. Miami

  10. Nashville

  11. New York

  12. Paris

  13. Philadelphia

  14. San Francisco

  15. Washington, D.C.


Please feel free to fill out this form as a patron or share this with someone affiliated with a restaurant or venue!

Not all information on the form is mandatory, just the basics! However, the more information given, the better.

Your help, referrals and information are much appreciated!

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