Greetings, friends, family and prospective clients!

I'm super silly excited to announce that Barry and I will be returning to Ohio and Georgia for a few months before beginning the next leg of our journey to Southeast Asia. Our travel plans are based on taking courses and trainings in yoga instruction, reiki healing, meditation and whatever else the universe sets before us.

Berlin has been WUNDERBAR so far, but we're looking forward to escaping the polar winter months and returning in the spring to set our roots and find an permanent residence.

As a part of our working holiday in the U. S. of A., Barry and I are offering our creative and concierge services in the months of January, February and into March.

With the holiday season approaching, business and personal projects can get wait-listed as time runs short. Patrick Joseph Boston and Barry Brandon Marketing can assist you by getting your work scheduled and outlined before the rush begins.

Our services include professional organization, event producing and coordinating, personal assisting and project management, web copy and web designproduct, portrait and event photography, promotional videography, as well as brand consulting...just to name a few.

Many of our services allow us to work remotely, so wherever you might be, no matter.

We'd love to jump-start you into the Newest of Years with efficiency, peace of mind, and a little laughter!


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