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I am super silly excited for the new year as I hone in on my business services and continue to invest in what I love most. Look out for changes and updates to come!

As a part of my move to Berlin, I spent several long and daunting months navigating the bureaucratic system in order to register as a Berlin resident before successfully obtain a two-year German freelancer visa. 

For those of you interested in moving your life abroad, I am now offering German Freelancer Visa Consultations as one of my concierge services

During a one-hour Skype consultation, I will walk you through the step-by-step process of registering as a resident and applying for a visa. All required forms, information on additional and supplementary documents as well as advice and tips are all included.

The consultation fee is $100 and can be paid via Venmo OR for an additional 3% service charge via PayPal or

Contact me to book your consultation call!

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